Viewpoint: Albany's Economic Development Commission

Viewpoint: Albany's Economic Development Commission

This week you will begin to see a multi-media advertising campaign funded by Albany's Economic Development Commission.

"There's only one Albany" is the title theme, and the goal of the campaign is the shift the public's conversation from apathy or negative comments about Albany, to pride in the community we live in.

Advertising messages that highlight our wonderful lifestyle choices: Our Flint River, Chehaw Park, the Riverquarium, the symphony & theatre, to...just an overall great family neighborhood environment.

The message of "One Albany" encourages all to come together and overcome our differences.

Hanging street light banners will invite you to rediscover, rebuild, restore, enjoy, and unite around our many positives.

Join us…and be cheerleaders for progress, reminding locals and visitors we are proud of our home…There is Only One Albany!

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