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911 call leads deputies to meth operation on the river

BEN HILL CO., GA (WALB) - A 911 call about a medical emergency ended with four people jailed on meth charges.

Law enforcement often investigates meth operations for months before making arrests, but in Tuesday's case, the suspects led officers right to themselves and were caught in the act.

The Ocmulgee River, a longtime destination for fishing, is sometimes a cause of 911 calls.

"We received a call at 911 this morning that one of the people at the river was having a medical emergency so a trooper out of Douglas responded," said Sheriff Bobby McLemore.

What they found when they got to that woman was quite a surprise.

"They had meth in their vehicles and they had also been smoking and snorting meth last night," said McLemore. "Matter of fact all 3 of them, all 4 of them were still tweaking this morning. They were high as a kite."

Jacqueline Lee, Erik Hunter, Misty Douglas, and Brooke Collins were all arrested and charged with possession of meth.

Sheriff McLemore said it's the number one drug in Ben Hill County. The arrests give law enforcement more knowledge on how to stop its sale.

"It gave us a little eye opener on what was going on at the river. As far as meth sales goes and we now located some more names to add to our collection," said Sheriff McLemore.

Finding the dealers of this drug is a serious issue for Sheriff McLemore because he says meth leads to other crimes like armed robberies, burglaries, and thefts.

Sheriff McLemore says they are looking for one more person who they believe is distributing the drugs.

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