Airport terminal materials to be recycled

Airport terminal materials to be recycled

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If your wondering why its taking so long to demolish the old airport terminal, workers are actually saving some of the material.

They're saving everything that can be recycled, and using it for other projects.

So far, workers have demolished about half of the building and are working to tear down the two-story portion.

They're separating out materials like the concrete which will be crushed and reused.

They're also salvaging the brick and even the copper in the old HVAC units. Airport officials this will keep them from having to take so much to the landfill.

“They're taking out all the various materials of building as they demolish the building rather then just taking out the whole building to the landfill, and as you know the landfill can get expensive when you have a building as large as we have," says Yvette Ahele.

The demolition is expected to be complete at the end of the month.

The area will be used for additional parking spaces for short term and rental car returns.

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