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Entering autos arrests are more common

Moultrie Police Inv. William Baillargeon Moultrie Police Inv. William Baillargeon

Moultrie Police hope the arrests of three teenagers will cut down on the high number of car break-ins in the city lately. Two of the people arrested for entering autos are under the age of 17.

Investigators are working to see how many crimes they can connect to the suspects. Witnesses quickly called police after seeing some people acting suspiciously at the Antigua Place Apartments.

"The complainant said they observed three black males subjects entering a vehicles in the parking lot. It's a gold colored car," said Moultrie Police Inv. William Baillargeon.

Shortly after the crime at 7:00 a.m. Thursday, 17-year old Keshon Jones, a 16 year old and a 13 year old were walking down 5th Avenue when they were stopped and questioned by Moultrie Police.

"They advised the officer they had been in the parking lot and they had been inside that car," said Baillargeon. One of the teens from the trio also confessed to breaking into cars at the Northgate Apartment Complex.

"To our knowledge a small caliber handgun was taken in one car and some change in the other," said Baillargeon. Moultrie has experienced a high number of entering autos in the past few months.

Police investigators say it's possible the same people may be connected to several others. "Sometimes they just give you confessions to one or two of the crimes. Later on you find out they actually did 15 or 20 of them," said Baillargeon.

Moultrie Police say the rash of entering autos has slowed down. They are hoping with the recent arrests, that it sends a messages to others committing these crimes. All three are charged with entering autos, which is a felony.

The gun that was taken from one of the cars is still missing.

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