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4-wheeler stolen from Albany business

Chris Shelley was shocked when he came into work Chris Shelley was shocked when he came into work

Some determined crooks swiped a 4-wheeler from an Albany business. It belonged to an employee at Westover Lawn and Garden. The owner says he was planning to sell it, but it was stolen, and he's hoping it will be recovered.

Chris Shelley was shocked when he came into work and found out his prized Honda four wheeler that he was trying to sell was stolen. "One of the employees asked me did I sell it, and I said no, and I went around the building and checked for it, it was gone," Shelley said.

Shelley says he put about two thousand dollars of upgrades into it, including exhaust and new brakes. Only the thieves didn't get the keys. They had to carry it.

The owner says his prized four wheeler was parked, and the criminals managed to cut through the fence, get the four wheeler, and drag it through the fence and through the woods.

"We found that the fence was cut open and pulled back and they took it out the fence and one of our employees walked where it looked like the four wheeler went." He could believe they got away with it. Westover Lawn and Garden is equipped with surveillance but it didn't show any faces. "The camera not pointing out there far enough to where it can be seen and it was done at night so it would be hard to see them anyway."

Now Shelley is hoping someone will spot his four wheeler. He says they crooks would have to replace key switch if they plan on driving it.


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