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New study: teen smoking down, online activity up

Dr. Kaiser of Insight Dr. Kaiser of Insight
Ya'kichia Lewis DOCO student Ya'kichia Lewis DOCO student
The CDC surveyed over 12,000 teens last year and what they found can be considered a bit shocking. Health professionals recommend teens get just a couple of hours of screen time per day but according to recent findings, they're getting nearly double that.

41% of teens say they play video games, search the web or cling to their cell phone for 3 or more hours daily opposed to doing homework. Experts feel the use of social media is what drives them, which eventually can give a teen extended adolescence.

"When kids focus more on technology and virtuality they're not doing things in the real world so much and they get to have more time in fantasy land," Dr. Cheryl Kaiser of Insight Psychotherapy Service. 

Dougherty County student, Ya'kichia Lewis says its all about getting the latest scoop among friends. "I do not put my phone away, I'm one of those people. I am social, I love to talk, I love to text so it's kind of hard for me to put my phone down."

Dr. Kasier feels its about getting attention, something kids have always wanted. She says it can make someone feel important if their phone is constantly going off. She recommends to monitor your child's use online or even create one social media page for everyone in the family to use to help keep everyone using it responsibly.

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