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Pawn Shop Misconceptions

Wes Taliaferro of Albany Drive Thru Pawn Wes Taliaferro of Albany Drive Thru Pawn

One local pawn shop has been receiving calls about stolen merchandise.

Albany Drive Through Pawn Shop says it is rare that stolen property will be found at area pawn shops these days.

Customers that purchase or pawn are required to fill out a form, show I. D., and give a thumb print.

At the end of each day the pawn shop enters all the items into a national data base.    

"Any items that do come in we have to get a description of them a serial number anything that we can get off of it that may be a distinguishing characteristic so that item is readily identifiable," said Wes Taliaferro of Albany Drive Thru Pawn.  

Leads on line is the largest internet investigation system for identifying merchandise for police.



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