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Your Week in Viral Videos: Flopping only works in soccer

Instituting the red card may be the next step in social interactions between the sexes. Instituting the red card may be the next step in social interactions between the sexes.

(RNN) – If life were like soccer … wait, let’s not go there.

Well, it’s too late for that because somebody already did and it caused a major break down in society. Even the simplest of touches sends people flying like they were shot. It’s pretty ridiculous when you put soccer flopping in the context of the office, making dinner, eating at a restaurant or buying groceries.

However, there is one improvement to everyday life that comes from soccer rules.

This one is for the ladies. The next time a guy comes up behind you and grabs your butt, give him a red card.

Awkward encounters

Television in the United States has come a long way. I Love Lucy broke serious ground in the 1950s by showing a pregnant Lucille Ball, but the network still wouldn’t let them say “pregnant” because it was thought to be in poor taste. Today, however, TV shows are promoted by YouTube videos of strangers taking each other’s clothes off.

Granted it’s for Showtime, where pretty much anything goes, but still. In the video, people who have never seen each other meet up in a room and have some awkward conversation before taking each other’s clothes off. It’s really pretty straightforward.

It’s a pretty interesting social experiment to see how the people interact with each other and gradually go from awkward shyness to, well, more. It sounds risqué, but overall it’s pretty tame. It also shows the inherent dangers of this type of behavior – namely, you might rip a stranger’s favorite pair of pants.

Get packing

Summer is here, and that means people are taking vacations. And where people go, their clothes go with them.

Packing a suit case is pretty easy and most people are familiar with the trick about rolling your clothes instead of folding them. But do you know how to protect a wine bottle and sneak small amounts of lotions and other liquids past the ever watchful eye of your friendly TSA agent?

There’s also tips for keeping a dress shirt collar stiff, bottles from leaking and an interesting use for a pill organizer.

You’re getting very, very dizzy

Before you click play, be warned that keeping your eyes on this video for two minutes is hard to do, because it’s borderline vertigo-inducing.

However, if you can make it through (you can do it!) you’ll be rewarded with a pretty cool optical illusion when it’s over. YWVV found it works best if you look away from the video and immediately at the number pad of a telephone, but it works no matter what. Once you do it once, you’ll want to keep doing it.

(WARNING: This may not be necessary to say, but just in case, don’t do anything that will give you a seizure or otherwise make you sick, and this video may or may not fall into that category, depending on your sensitivities.)

Animal of the Week

The next time your kid is screaming leaving the store because you couldn’t get a stuffed animal out of the claw machine, call this guy.

Bonus goat video

Standing on an inflatable chair is hard.

More stuff for when you’re bored

The kids who react to old stuff reacted to a Game Boy. It’s not as funny as their other reactions, but it’s been watched by nearly 7 million people in less than a week mostly because the Fine Brothers have 9 million subscribers and everything they post goes viral.

This video claims to be the best wedding dance party of all time. It’s not, but people have been going wild over it nonetheless.

If you leave your stuff on the beach, grab a camera before you go back, because you might get to record people trying to steal it.

You may or may not have seen the video of the guy singing a song as 29 celebrities, but you didn’t see it here and YWVV is glad of that, because it’s fake. That was revealed this week and the “making of” is getting some traction, but not as much as the original. Apparently being “perfect” requires 39 takes.

Take your grandmother to the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC, have her tap on the glass of the shark tank at the James Bond villain exhibit and film it. But, unlike these folks, film it horizontally.

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