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Leesburg police learn more about school safety

Lt. James Vick Lt. James Vick
SGT. Jason Anthony SGT. Jason Anthony
 Leesburg law enforcers are hoping to use information from a statewide forum to better protect our schools.

 Agencies throughout Lee County recently held an extensive multiple shooter drill at an elementary school. It's drills like this which were discussed at the school safety forum in Athens this past week. 

"What it was great to be able to say is, we're already doing it. We've done this training, we've been there. And as a matter of fact I talked with one of the gentlemen and he asked questions about what was our biggest problem. That was the fact that we needed to communicate better between the departments," said LT. James Vick, with the Leesburg Police Department.

 Leesburg police officers say they learned about how to manage campus tragedies, like the Moore, Oklahoma tornado, bullying, even terrorism.

"They brought up terrorism this time. It wasn't a big subject last year, but this year it was. How they could be focusing in on our school systems and how we could better prepare," said LT. Vick.

"The thing that stood out to me was probably dealing with the bullying, the bullying that comes in the school system. A lot of it is a lot of parents are unaware of the bullying and they're not aware of what bullying is. And I think that we should educate our parents on whconstitutestes bullying," said SGT. Jason Anthony, with the Leesburg Police Department.

 The forum was hosted by the U-S attorney's office. 

"This one here introduced us to new ideas that we can relate to the school system to better improve the communication between ourselves, other departments, fire, EMS," said LT. Vick.

"Education for law enforcement, education for the school system, everyone that was in attendance. Getting to know how the school system works and what they think of law enforcement and how they would like to work with law enforcement," said SGT. Anthony.

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