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ASU trains for gunman crisis

University Police Lt. Anita Allen University Police Lt. Anita Allen

Albany State University police trained students,  faculty, and staff what to do in case a gunman opens fire on campus. Mass killing tragedies have happened on too many college campuses. 

Albany State police want their folks to be prepared in case of the worst.   Albany State University Grant Manager Scott Pierce said it was important for him to attend today's training on mass shooters.

"It could happen anywhere," Pierce said.

Albany State Police train to be ready in case a gunman is shooting on campus. But they also want their students and faculty to know how to protect themselves.

"You can either run, hide or fight.  Me personally, I would try to hide," said grad student Diana Ossei'Wusu. Officers gave examples of what to do if you encounter a shooter.      

"If you see the active shooter in the hallway, and you are in a classroom.  You can barricade the room.  You can use desk and chairs. You may have a couple of students with chairs in their hands, in case they try to come into the room," said University Police Lt. Anita Allen.  

Almost half of all college shooter incidents involved unhappy students. Police urge both teachers and students to get to know their classmates, and keep watch for warning signs.

Pierce said he feels better prepared in case of an attack. "I work in a concrete block building with a very thick door. I'm going to hide," Pierce said.

And that's what ASU police want everyone on their campus to do. Think and prepare in case of the worst. Albany State Police also want you to understand Georgia's new gun law.

If you have a carry permit, you can have your gun in your car in an Albany State parking lot, but you cannot take it out of your car on campus. If you do, you will be arrested.


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