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Groups fight feral hogs in Southwest Georgia

Feral hogs continue to be a major problem that cost south Georgia farmers a lot of money.

Feral hogs are making themselves at home in the fields of many south Georgians and farmers aren't happy about it.

"We're just out trying to make a living and they're making it extremely hard," said farmer Robbie Carnahan.

Farmers say the feral hogs are coming into their fields, laying down, pigging out, and costing them millions of dollars

The hogs roam fields in search of food and water. Andrew Sawyer, a UGA Agriculture and Natural Resources agent says they don't care where they do their dirty work.

"They could be in Thomas county today, [then] they could move on up to Mitchell County, and be wherever," said Sawyer.

Currently the only answer for keeping the hogs out of the fields is trapping and killing them.

"The trapping systems are very expensive. Thermal night vision scopes to mount on top of rifles is very very expensive. You're talking $8,000 or $9,000 per scope," said Carnahan.

That's an expense that they feel the state should help them with.

"The traps cost about $2,700, and that's another expense on top of what we already have invested in crops," said CarnahanThere's no denying feral hogs are becoming a huge problem for farmers, and some want to change a state law that makes it illegal to move and release the pigs.

"It would really help if we could sell the live hog and get some kind of income from it. It would offset things," said Carnahan.

Carnahan says he's trapped 64 pigs since last November. He hopes the state will step in and help him get the wandering wild hogs out of his fields.

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