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WG&L commissioners concerned by multiple policy changes & leadership


Some Albany Water, Gas, and Light commissioners hope city officials will wait before making any more changes to the city utility.

City officials made changes to the city charter to give them more control over water gas and light.

WG&L commissioners would like to be allowed to acquire land for new distribution without city approval.

But Commissioner Chad Warbington says the utility has gone through so many changes in policy and leadership, waiting would be helpful.

“The charter changes that were on the table really was the brain child of Tom Berry and James Taylor, we supported that as a board, I think a lot of city commissioners supported that, but with a change in leadership and both of those individuals no longer serving at this time we really need to wait till we get some other leadership in place,” says Chad Warbington, Water, Gas, and Light Commissioner.

City officials are set to discuss any changes on July 22nd.


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