Bridges closed, butcher shop merchandise spoils

Bridges closed, butcher shop merchandise spoils

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The flood shut down more than 600 bridges statewide.   All the bridges over the Flint in Albany were shut down even to foot traffic on July 7th.

The Broad Avenue Bridge finally reopened to pedestrians a week later so people who worked on one side of the river and lived on the other no longer had to make a 100-mile one-way trip.

The Bypass bridge was the first to reopen to vehicles on July 15th.

Aid from FEMA and the Small Business Administration helped many devastated businesses bounce back.

Five feet of water filled Hank Vinson's Meathouse on Martin Luther King Drive, causing $300,000 damage to the building, equipment, and stock.

Hank's son Andy runs the meathouse now and recalls coming back after seven days to find the store full of rotted meat.  "I can still smell it.  It makes me sick to my stomach.  Because it's like all comes right back instantly, said Andy.

Vinson is proud to be in the same location where his late parents started the business.  He's still paying off the small business loan his parents took out to get the store open again.

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