Flood waters unearth caskets

Flood waters unearth caskets

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - What happened at Albany's two historic downtown cemeteries is one of the most enduring and disturbing memories of the flood.

More than 430 caskets came out of the ground at Riverside and Oakview cemeteries.

Some were never recovered, including those that fell into a giant sinkhole.  Recovering those caskets was a dangerous job.

"We used boats to come in and out of the cemetery, and the people recovering them had to stay on the road because caskets were popping out of the ground," said Former Dougherty Co. Coroner Bucky Brookshier.

The remains were taken to the fairgrounds and later to the Marine Base where teams of expert from all over the country spent five months trying to identify them.

97 bodies could not be identified and were buried in this special memorial area in Riverside cemetery.

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