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City employee asked for twice bonus amount she got


WALB News 10 Investigation has uncovered that Risk Manager Veronica Wright originally asked for a bonus of more than $41,000 for the work she did in saving the city money in its Liability Insurance renewal process. 

The information was part of an open records request made by WALB News 10 into the bonus city manager James Taylor authorized for Wright. 

In an e-mail dated June 4, 2014 to Human Resources Director Henry Cohen, Wright requested a 25% bonus of $166,741 which she stated was the total savings for the Utilities Risk Program. The amount of the bonus she requested would have been $41,685. 

On June 6, James Taylor sent an e-mail to Cohen authorizing a bonus of $20,374 to be paid to Wright. 

Taylor said the bonus amount is 10% of the savings Wright has been able to provide WG&L, Southwest Georgia Regional Airport and other areas in the city government. 

The bonus paid to Wright is expected to be discussed during the Albany City Commission's work session on Tuesday morning.



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