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Bikers stop in Albany during cross country ride

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A team of seven cyclists will travel more than 3000 miles this summer to help military families.

It's all part of the Hope for the Warriors project. 

It's been a long ride for this team of seven cyclists who are stopping in Albany on their way to Florida.

"3000 miles. 3000 miles and over 110,000 feet of climbing," said team captain Tracy Draper.

Draper and her team will finish up their quest in just a few days.

Their trip started in Malibu, California and will end in Amelia Island, Florida. As she rides into a city she used to live in, her accomplishments of the ride start to hit her.

"It's crazy. I used to live here. So I'm getting sentimental looking around at different houses and streets and things that I recognize and realizing that we came from California with these legs and this bike to ride this far is kind of overwhelming," said Draper. 

Training for an event like this is tough, and it comes with surprises.

"You keep on trying but there is nothing that you can do to train for a cross country because there's no way you can do 3000 miles so you just do as many miles as you can," said team member Scott Manning.

They're raising money for a non-profit called Hope for Warriors, which provides assistance to military families. The ride has been just as beneficial for them. 

"This has been amazing. Tracy's done amazing things. They've raised a ton of money and more importantly they've raised a bunch of awareness for us," said Hope for Warriors team captain Steve Bartomioli.

As they get close to their destination, their legs are getting tired but their determination keeps them going.

"The bigger voice in my head is what takes over and the voice that says you're tired your hurt, your back, your leg, your this your that. If you listen to that too much it affects my riding and it affects my relationship with the team so I can't let that get me down," said Draper. 

The group has raised over 15,000 dollars during their ride.

You can donate to their cause by visiting their website at

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