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Six arrested by Warwick Police in separate drug busts

LT. John Mucci LT. John Mucci
WARWICK, GA (WALB) - Six people have been arrested by Warwick police over the last 8 days in separate drug cases involving meth and Spice.

Routine traffic stops led to the busts. On June 26th, Ronald and Denise Ann Davis were traveling from Newnan and pulled over for a suspended tag that wasn't even theirs.

"It actually came out that they were stealing decal tags," said Lt. John Mucci with Warwick Police.

A canine search revealed that methamphetamine was in the vehicle. Denise would receive the drug charges, but things got worse for the family when she called her daughter Jessica Waldrop to pick her up. Waldrop along with her boyfriend Brandon Bove arrived smelling like marijuana according to Mucci. They were also arrested.

On Tuesday, Warwick resident Jonathan Davis was pulled over for tinted windows. A search revealed meth in his car.

On Thursday, Spice was found in the vehicle of Tennessee resident Jarvis Markel McKenzie.

Mucci says that the Spice can be more dangerous than marijuana.

"It can cause severe paranoia, severe anxiety. People have jumped off of buildings, people have killed themselves," Mucci said.

He hopes these arrests will ward off potential crime and encourages everyone to remain safe during the holidays on the road. Mucci says patrols will be increased throughout the weekend.

The Davis family was released on bond from Worth County jail. Jonathan Davis remains in jail due to a profanation violation while a warrant was issued Friday for McKenzie.

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