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South Georgians hit the road

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Many South Georgians are still heading out of town today. 

Traffic started to increase as many of the people who had to work on the Fourth are getting off. 

Most people I spoke with today said they were more concerned by their own driving, not increased law enforcement. 

Interstates and highways are starting to get busy as people take a long weekend and celebrate the Fourth of July. Travelers around Albany say everyone's biggest concern should be on others.

"I mean we've got to drive for each other. We've got to look out for each other. You got to watch what's going on on the roads and stay off your phones," said Sammy Harris.

"You've got to watch out for everybody," said Joe Williams. 

Steffon Daniel said he was "just being more cautious and watching out for other people."

Law enforcement agrees. The best way to avoid wrecks is to take your time and pay attention.

"If people obey the traffic laws and pay attention to what they're doing. It will drastically cut down on the accidents we may have," said Lt. M.J. Wood of the Dougherty County Police Department.

Another way to cut down on wrecks over the weekend is to not drink and drive, something Wood is hoping people won't do.

"We certainly recommend anybody who is going to be drinking not to be driving and get a designated driver," said Wood.

Dougherty County Police are stepping up law enforcement over the Fourth to stop drunk driving. Their message is clear--if you drink and drive, you're going to wind up in the back of a police car.

That's a message some people have already taken.

"Not even drinking--not at all," says Williams.

"No drinking and driving," said Daniel.

"Yes sir, yes sir. Have a designated driver if you're going to drink.," said Cain Regan, on his way to the lake.

Wood has one more message as people leave work and hit the road.

"We want people to be safe, have a good time, and always bare in mind safety--whether it's driving, firearm safety or any other type of safety."

Many of the people on South Georgia roads will be from out of town, even out of state.  Even if you are not traveling far, drive defensively for those folks unfamiliar with these roads.

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