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Patriotism is alive and well in Lake Park


While Fourth of July celebrations continue across South Georgia, some Lake Park residents are also reflecting on the significance of the holiday.  

A parade of cars, patriotic floats, and even horses, made up Lake Park's annual Fourth of July Parade Friday morning.   But for many who turned out to see the parade, the Fourth of July is more than just a day to have a parade and shoot off fireworks.  

Mark Wisenbaker said "I have ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary War, so I'm a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. It's just the founding of this country. It's very special to me."  

Kathy Walker told us, "he Fourth of July means America. All the way around. I just think we need to be out here celebrating' America and what it stands for."    

Like the saying goes though, freedom isn't free, and everyone I spoke to said that's the most important thing to remember on the Fourth of July.  

"Like Memorial Day, remembering those veterans who gave their lives so we can continue to live the way we live," said Wisenbaker.    

 "Remembering the troops is always number one. But it's community; bringing' the community together," said Walker.  

"I think it has to do with the memories of serving our country," said one man.  

No matter what the Fourth of July means to you, or what you feel is the most important thing about the holiday, the key is to celebrate it. And Friday's parade did just that.


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