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EMTs, paramedics in high demand

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - When you call 911 for help, you want the most qualified people to respond, but Dougherty County continues to have a high turnover rate.

Dougherty County is known for its high volume of calls, about 22,000 a year. EMS Director Greg Rowe says a starting EMT or paramedic will learn a lot in a short time.

"In a twelve month period here you will have just about covered everything that you were ever taught in school from bad car wrecks, to shootings,” says EMS Director Greg Rowe.

Which makes his employees valuable and well sought out. Often times those who wish to seek jobs in bigger cities can get them, causing his turnover rate high.

"When they hear our statistics and they know that these people have been exposed to an awful lot of stuff and he can do it," says Rowe

Rowe says in the last two years, out of 80 employees, he's lost about 36. But luckily he has two schools, including Albany Tech, where he can choose the next group of emergency responders.

"They are just amazed at how much they learn in the classroom and then they can apply it here in the real world setting and it just opens up their minds," says Randy Williams, paramedics and program chairman.

Williams says its an exciting career that lots of young people are interested in.

" Well have a brand new class starting in August, its a night class so now would be the time to register for the fall semester class," says Williams.

Its also a rewarding one. "Somebody actually comes back and says thank you or whatever that really makes that medic say what I'm doing is worthwhile because you make a difference in somebody's life everyday," says Rowe.

You can sign up for fall classes starting July the 7th.


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