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Keep the critters away


Exterminators want to help you declare your independence from pests this Fourth of July.       Mosquitoes, roaches, and ants are at their peak during the summer months and they are determined to get inside your home and food.  

"Of course the kitchen is a lot where ants kind of seem to migrate or come into because of course you know people make coffee, you got sugar, and there's food and there is water in the sinks," said Ben Dupree of Arrow Exterminators.  

Exterminators say removing standing water and trimming back tree limbs can prevent pests, such as mosquitoes and ants from entering your home. They also encourage you to clean sinks and counter tops before preparing your July fourth meals.   

"Just keep the counter tops clean. Any kind of spills you know just keep everything wiped up clean. Dishes should be cleaned, washed and put up," Dupree said.   And when you're finished cooking, they say it's important to dispose of your food in trash receptacles with a fitted lid away from the home.  

"Keep your outside trash can away from the house. Because that attracts roaches, rodents, ants, so keep it away from the house and that will keep your house pest free."  

Exterminators advise that homes should inspected for pests several times throughout the year, so that your independence will always be declared from pests.



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