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Phoebe disputes 'certificate of need' ruling


Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital disputes a finding by the Department of Community Health, which says that Phoebe should be able to sell or lease the former Palmyra Hospital, without going through the 'certificate of need' process.

Phoebe issued this statement Thursday morning-

Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital and the Hospital Authority of Albany-Dougherty County have appealed a determination of the Department of Community Health (DCH) which concluded a Certificate of Need would not be necessary in the event there should be a divestiture ordered involving the former Palmyra Park Hospital. 

The appeal by Phoebe and the Hospital Authority requests an administrative appeal, which includes a full evidentiary hearing to contest the determination. The appeal comes in response to a June 3 DCH determination on a letter filed on March 12 by North Albany Medical Center, LLC (NAMC), a newly formed shell entity controlled by a Tennessee company, in which NAMC presented a proposal regarding a hypothetical purchase or lease of what is now known as Phoebe North Campus.

In filing the appeal, a spokesperson said, "We strongly believe DCH's determination was incorrect on the facts and the law, and contrary to the plain statutory language, DCH's own rules and testimony, and prior Georgia Supreme Court decisions.  Being forced to expend precious and limited community assets on this matter, rather than on our mission to provide patient care to all who need it, is troubling, but we have no alternative.  We are resolute on the correctness of our legal position and on the rightness of Phoebe's plan for the future well being of this community.  Meanwhile, we will continue to do that which we do best:  Look after the people of Southwest Georgia who need care."

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