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We're all adjusting to Georgia's new gun law

Bobbi McGraw Bobbi McGraw
VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - More people may soon be carrying guns thanks to Georgia's new gun law, and that's something Valdosta Police will have to take into account.

"You just have to keep in mind that there may be more people actually carrying weapons as this law has become enacted," said Valdosta Police Department Captain Bobbi McGraw.

More gun carriers creates the potential for more confrontational situations, as gun carriers in Georgia are not required to show their permit to citizens who demand to see it.

That part of the new law may have helped create a tense situation at the Enamrk convenience store on East Park Avenue Tuesday. Two men, both carrying guns in holsters, were inside the store when one of the men pulled his gun out of his holster, pointed it at the ground and demanded that the other customer show him his permit.

"The offender, Mr. Ronald Williams, kept askin' for identification and gun registration and the person that was there was gettin' a soft drink and kept sayin' 'I don't have to show you anything,'" explained McGraw.

That person spoke with WALB on the phone Wednesday. He believes the new gun law is right and that no citizen should have to show their gun permit to anybody else.

But despite this being the law, VPD said it may lead to more incidents like what happened at Enmark, at least in the short term.

"As it is with anything new, people are gonna test it, people are gonna try it," McGraw said. "There is a possibility that we'll see more calls or more inquiries related to this."

For now though, police are just thankful that the two men in Tuesday's incident only exchanged words, and not gunshots.

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