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Arrest makes business owner happy

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Uncle Robert's Used Cars owner Danny McDonald Uncle Robert's Used Cars owner Danny McDonald

Another business owner on West Oglethorpe is celebrating the arrest of one suspected thief, after being victimized close to a dozen times in the last month.  West Oglethorpe Boulevard is a busy road leading to downtown Albany. but business owners say that crime in the area has them on guard night and day.

One crook was caught on camera and then by police.   A man trying to steal a John Deere lawn tractor from Uncle Robert's Used Cars early Tuesday morning was picked up by a camera.   Uncle Robert's Used Cars owner Danny McDonald said "The guys living on the streets, they are stealing stuff just to sell it and make liquor money or drug money, is exactly what it is."

McDonald, whose family has run this car lot for 25 years in the same lot on West Oglethorpe Boulevard, says his business was burglarized about 10 times in the last month. He catches glimpses of the thieves on his surveillance video.

"I mean it's just the same things over and over again. Tires and wheels and batteries," McDonald said. McDonald shows us cars where thieves have stolen the wheels and tires, leaving the rest lying on the ground.  His lawn mower was torn up by the crook trying to steal it.  He's had so many batteries stolen out of his cars, he now paints them all green,  so junk yards and metal recyclers will spot them as stolen.  McDonald spends a lot of nights trying to protect his business.

"Three o-clock in the morning. Two o-clock in the morning, and stay up here at nighttime. Oh yea, but it's what you got to do to keep running." Tuesday morning cops ran down that man jumping over the back fence.  They arrested Steven Kegler, charging him with criminal damage, obstruction, and possession of criminal tools. 

McDonald is grateful Albany Police are taking the crime problem on his street seriously. "Well I'm hoping they are. They caught one, and I'm hoping.  It's going to happen again, so I hope they are here to catch them again."

McDonald says the thefts in the last month have cost him thousands of dollars, and small business owners can't afford crime to cost them like that.  

  Steven Kegler is being held in the Dougherty County Jail.


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