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Kitchen fire destroys home


Neighbors say the flames were huge, shooting from the Covin family home on New York Road in Lee County Monday night.  

"Called me and woke me up about 10 o'clock, I looked out the door and all I see was a big ball of fire. My wife, she was saying the house is on fire, the house is on fire," said Rufus Robinson, neighbor.  

When firefighters showed up, they found the entire one story brick home was burning.   The family of three that lived there was safe. But it was clear that there wouldn't be much salvaged.   Everything in the home is reduced to ash and the flames so intense it spread to the car, leaving it almost unrecognizable.    

The homeowners, Emma and Andrew Covin, told firefighters the blaze was ignited in the kitchen.  

"The owner had gone to his bedroom and heard some noise, went back in there and said he saw a fire coming up from behind the stove," said Assistant Fire Chief Paul Branch. "So, we figured it was remnants from where they were cooking or something electrical."    

The Covin's neighbors believe the damage might not have been as bad if there was fire station located closer to their homes.  

"If we had one closer it wouldn't have been near that bad," said Robinson. "I think the nearest fire station we have here is in Leesburg."    

Lee County fire officials say their response time on this fire was pretty quick considering the location of the home.  

"Thinking the response time was probably around seven minutes because it's a good ways out in the county, a rural area," said Branch.  

And in this rural area, neighbors are ready to help their neighbors rebuild their lives.



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