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More smashed car windows in West Albany neighborhoods


Nearly a dozen cars in two nearby West Albany neighborhoods were targeted by thieves.

A number of residents found their car windows smashed Sunday morning on Rodnor Forest Lane, Embleton Court off Lockett Station, and on Crepe Myrtle Court off Beattie Road.

Tara Reese woke up to find her car's passenger window smashed in her driveway, and her car rifled through, but nothing was stolen.

"The police came and they did dust for fingerprints. So we're waiting for those to come back," said Reese. "And I'm just ready to see, so they can be stopped. Because it's making me feel unsafe."

Wednesday 15 cars in an East Albany region were also targeted by crooks, with most of them shattering passenger side windows to loot them. Police urge people to take their valuables out of cars when they park them, even in their own driveway.

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