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Hundreds of vultures have taken over this neighborhood

Eddie-Rhea Walker Eddie-Rhea Walker

The Department of Natural Resources plans to use loud noisemakers to try to scare away hundreds of vultures that have taken over an Americus neighborhood.     

A DNR expert met with concerned residents about the problem.

People who live on Mayo Street say many of the vultures have moved in the past few days, but they didn't go far, and the residents worry they'll come back.      

"It was covered, every piece of the ground was covered," said Eddie-Rhea Walker.  

Walker says vultures have been taking over her yard and neighborhood for the past few months. "I'm desperate, I want them to do something, I lived here all my life and this is the first time that we've had this problem," said Walker.    

Residents on Mayo Street in Americus say these birds are a problem, causing damage to rooftops and cars. Walker says she's afraid of the vultures.    

"I looked out my window and I almost lost my mind," said Walker   Walker says she can't even let her dog outside because of the birds.  

"I said my goodness, they were doing everything. They were acting human, they were playing games. By the time I came to my den, there were two at my door. I said my God they are trying to get in,"  said Walker.  

Walker says the city is working with a DNR representative to find ways to keep the birds away.    

"That's what the meeting was about this morning, when I was up there. To tell them there still needs to be something done,"  said Walker.  

Walker says she is worried the Vultures could come back. Residents say the birds are still in the area. They've moved  to Jefferson Street, which is two blocks away.

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