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Lineman uses Heimlich to save man's life

Mike Askew, WG&L Senior Lineman Mike Askew, WG&L Senior Lineman
Patricia Anderson, BJ's Country Buffet employee Patricia Anderson, BJ's Country Buffet employee

A Water Gas and Lights Lineman is being recognized for saving a man's life inside an Albany restaurant.

Some would call it fate that lead Water Gas and Lights Senior Lineman Mike Askew into BJ's Country Buffet.

"We had a busy day that day and it was a little later in the day, a little after 2 o'clock, before we got something to eat," recounted Askew. 

It happened during the week of Memorial Day. He sat down to eat at a corner table when something went wrong. Several people sitting at a table in front of him started to panic.

"Everybody was kind of nervous," recalled Patricia Anderson, BJ's Country Buffet employee. 

 A man in the middle of them began gasping for air.

"I seen several of them get up and they were like 'you okay, you okay' I noticed the one guy , he had his back to me and he was choking," said Askew. "By the time I got to him he had started going out. He was fixing to hit the floor."

Askew knew he had to do something to help. So, he raced to the man, scooping him up before performing the Heimlich maneuver several times.

"Whatever it was, it came loose and he started breathing again."

Witnesses say there was then a sigh of relief and applause for the lineman. "He's a great man, he really is," said Anderson.

He was also recognized in a recent WG&L meeting for his heroic acts.

"I seen a man that needed some help, so I tried to help him."

He says it was more of a reaction, thanks to required CPR and first aid training for his job. 

"Just one of them things, it might not work and it might and it just so happens that it did work."

Askew now hopes the incident inspires others to take similar training, even if its not required, in case fate leads to a stranger in need. 

Askew also says he still doesn't know the man's name, but he hopes he's doing well. 

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