Prelude to Disaster: Alberto rising

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The weather system that produced Georgia's worst natural disaster was born as Tropical Depression One on June 30. 1994.

TD One drifted across the Gulf of Mexico, because of upper level shear. But those shears died off, and that permitted TD One to strengthen until it became Tropical Storm Alberto, on July 2, 1994.

Farmers looked forward to some much needed rain, but no one knew what was really to come.

As storms go, Alberto didn't do much damage in Georgia with its winds; it was the water it brought, that did the damage.

If it had dumped rain and moved off, it would not have written any history. But the prevailing winds held Alberto basically in place, pushing it around in a narrow space over Georgia.

Middle Georgia was inundated with rain. Sumter County got two feet of rain in just a couple of days, and the Flint River basin and its tributaries could not absorb that much water that quickly. In fact, not in recorded history of this region had such a deluge been seen.

The results were truly historic.

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