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Albany woman fed up with flower thieves

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Patricia Ward with her "Beware of flower thieves" sign Patricia Ward with her "Beware of flower thieves" sign

One Albany woman is keeping a close eye on her lawn after she says a flower bandit took her plants.  

Patricia Ward is taking a stand after a thief stole her plants right out of her yard. She even posted a sign to help warn others about the flower thieves.    

"Be aware that people are so low down and so petty to steal plants," said Patricia Ward,victim. "That's about as low as you can go."  

Ward says it started about three weeks ago when she noticed a few plants were missing from her yard.  

"I made a report and I was just fuming, just absolutely livid that someone would come through and take my ferns and take my plants," said Ward. "Take their lives in their hands to come up on my front porch area here."  

On Saturday, Ward noticed another plant was missing from her porch. She says her neighbors also noticed their plants and yard equipment were missing.    

"She says be careful because people are stealing flowers," said Ward. "I've had flowers and water hoses taken from me."  

Luckily, Ward was able to retrieve one of her stolen plants. Police escorted her to a home down the street where she reclaimed her property and that helped sparked the idea to make her sign.   

"I just had to make a sign to be aware of plant thieves," said Ward. "I know it sounds petty, but they are petty for stealing plants."  

Albany police say the case is under investigation.

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