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City Attorney encourages people to study new gun bill

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Nathan Davis, Albany City Attorney Nathan Davis, Albany City Attorney

In less than a week, the new gun bill that allows licensed gun owners to carry firearms into government building takes effect and the City Attorney is encouraging people to learn as much as they can about it.  

"Study the changes," said Nathan Davis, Albany City Attorney. " Discuss them with their elected officials, their family."  

Licensed gun owners will soon be able to carry firearms into government buildings like the Government Center downtown as part of the Safe Carry Protection Act or House Bill 60 that Governor Nathan Deal signed into law.    

"Any Government building, it can be one leased by the government to have meetings or leased to run a function of the government so it's a very broad definition," said Davis.  

Handguns are still prohibited in courthouses, jails and prisons.    

"We've had a hand carry law for many years," said Davis. "This is an amendment, why has this amendment generated so much interest?"  

County leaders have not decided if they will have security at the government center, which could include X-rays and metal detectors.  

"Are they going to use metal detectors," said Davis. "How will a decision be made? Does the local government want to go to that?"  

The new bill also allows people to carry guns inside churches, but it's a decision that many church leaders will have to decide.  

"The church leadership can vote to allow handguns in their churches," said Davis. "Sort of an opt-in provision."  

Airports will also have to clearly display signs at their checkpoint areas showing that weapons are not permitted.  The bill goes into effect July 1st.

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