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Gun carrier in Leesburg likes new laws


Georgia's new law that expands gun rights goes into effect Tuesday.

Some carriers are excited--like Shane Lee. Lee has been a lawfully carrying American for 6 years.

"People are crazy, I mean some of the things they do. You just always want to have something on you to feel protected and to protect your family," said Lee, an employee at Backwoods Outdoors in Leesburg.

The new law that Governor Deal signed a few months ago lets Lee carry that gun just a little farther, into libraries, unsecured city buildings, and sometimes churches.

Lee thinks more people with guns could discourage shootings in public places.

"With me having the permit, and allowing what they're doing with this permit, I think it's a great thing," said Lee. "It'll have more people protected if a situation like that, and it might discourage people from coming in and make them not do this."

Lee keeps his gun in his pocket, hidden from public view. The law doesn't allow for anyone to ask for proof of his permit.

Critics of the law say city workers and librarians should be able to ask for a permit when they see a gun. Even supporters think showing a legal permit is a good idea.

"I don't think that should be an issue. I think they should be able to ask you. That way, for the situation when you went to a library, the librarian could actually feel more comfortable knowing that you have a gun," said Lee. "You have a permit, and there's a reason. You're doing everything you got to do to carry that gun."

Lee believes carrying a gun eases people's minds and should make people feel more comfortable.


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