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What you need to know: fireworks safety and laws

Assistant fire chief Sebon Burns of AFD Assistant fire chief Sebon Burns of AFD
TNT vendor Sandra Hesketh TNT vendor Sandra Hesketh

We are exactly one week from 4th of July celebrations and fire officials are urging you to be cautious when lighting up at home.

The focus for AFD is to make sure people are being safe but at the same time following the law set in place for events like this.

In the state of Georgia it is illegal to sell and purchase explosives, that includes bringing them in from other states. Things like firecrackers, skyrockets, cherry bombs or any other firework that is airborne is prohibited. If caught using these you could be fined up to $1,000 and up to one year in prison.

Other fireworks such as sparkers, glow worms, pop rocks or smoke bombs are okay to purchase as long as you are 18 years of age.

Assistant Fire Chief of AFD Sebon Burns advises parents to supervise and if you are buying fireworks early keep them under lock and key until you're ready to actually use them.

He recommends to keep a fire extinguisher near by just in case something does go wrong you already have a plan.

TNT firework vendor Sandra Hesketh says the items they sell are called "safe and sane" but they can be dangerous if not handled properly so its important to follow instructions provided.

If you plan to cook-out, keep all flammable items away from grill, fireworks and of course children.

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