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New teen drivers plan to take it easy on the roads

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State troopers say they're investigating more traffic fatalities than usual in our part of the state this year.

18 year old Lenisha Green and her sisters recently got drivers license to drive, but they plan on being safe as possible.

"I just make sure when I get in the car that I have my seat belt on. I don't try to have too many people in the car with me because I'm not a pro yet," said Green.

According to Triple-A, the end of the school year begins the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers. LaDaysha Harrison is taking some driving tips from someone a little older.

"My mom always told me to buckle up first and safety is always first," said Harrison.

These teen drivers not only look out for themselves but their passengers as well.

"I tell everybody to put on seat belts and I try to go the speed limit," said Harrison.

Harrison also says no texting and driving is also on the safety list.

"I don't follow to close behind vehicles and I don't run red lights. I drive pretty safely for me," said Harrison.

The Georgia State Patrol has already investigated 56 traffic deaths in south Georgia this year six more than the first half of last year.

Green says it's okay to be cautious about who you're getting in the car with.

"Parents are over protective, they told me every time I get the opportunity to get in someone's car and just go, don't take it," said Green.

These new drivers plan to keep it safe this summer.

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