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Lee attackers knew victim


A Lee County woman is praying investigators catch the armed robbers who came after her. She thinks it could be the same people who robbed her and her husband at their house three years ago. 

Yvonne Melvin says she was finally getting over the first robbery when it happened again. This time they bound her hands and feet and took off with her wedding ring.

A cut on her wrist is the only physical evidence of the terrifying 10 minutes 66 year-old Yvonne Melvin experienced last night.  

"It was very scary. It was very nerve wracking. Thank God they didn't physically hurt me. I got one place on my wrist but it was from the tape. But sometimes I think the emotional might be worse than the physical," said Yvonne Melvin.

Melvin says she got to her home on Highway 118 around 7pm Wednesday when two masked men came up to her as she was walking to her back door. And one had a gun.

"You could tell that he was nervous and I was scared. And he told me that he wasn't going to hurt me, that somebody had paid him $5,000 to kill my husband. And I just went crazy telling him that he was sick and please don't hurt him."

Her husband, Harold was on his way home from his store in Leslie. "I luckily hadn't come yet. I had a little ordeal down at my store that kept me from coming right on home. And might have saved my life according to what the story is," said Harold Melvin.

Yvonne Melvin says the robbers threatened her and her husband, bound her wrists and ankles with duct tape and took off with her wedding ring.

"He shook my pocketbook out because he said somebody told him I had $5,000 in my pocketbook. And I said that's the craziest thing I've ever heard of. I don't have $5,000 and if I did it would be in the bank," said Melvin.

A similar incident happened three years ago. 

"It was like deja vu from three years ago. First I'm thinking, do I know you? Is this some kind of joke which is what I thought before," explained Melvin.

In May 2011 both Harold and Yvonne Melvin were held up at gunpoint outside their home. That time it was just one masked man who made off with a money bag of nearly $5,000.

"I mean there were some similarities in that they were around the side of the house and the guy was nervous, he was shaking, the guy with the gun was shaking. But he had somebody with him this time who was holding the duct tape," said Melvin.

No one was ever apprehended in that case.

"I know I would feel much better if they could find who did it. If they could call me and say we know who did this, we just got to go pick them up because we were able to get some prints off something," said Melvin.

And Harold Melvin has a message for the attackers. "I'd like to tell them please don't try it because I'd hate to get caught shooting you. That's all I'd like to say and I definitely will if I have to," said Harold Melvin.

If you have any information call crime stoppers at 229-436-TIPS or the Lee County Sheriff's Office at 229-759-6012.



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