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Moody selected to train Afghan pilots

Congressman Jack Kingston says that Moody Air Force Base will be the site of training for ninety Afghanistan Air Force pilots and thirty maintenance personnel.

Kingston said: "Moody Air Force Base is the ideal location for this critical mission that helps ensure America's sacrifices in Afghanistan are not squandered and the progress made over the past 13 years is not turned back. By training these pilots and giving them the skills necessary to protect their democratic government, the Air Force is making good on America's commitment in Afghanistan."

In April of this year, the US Air Force announced plans to train ninety Afghanistan Air Force pilots and thirty maintenance personnel on the A-29 LAS Aircraft. Fourteen Air Force instructor pilots will be on board for each training flight and twenty-one Air Force maintenance personnel will teach proper operations on the ground.

Today's announcement means that once Moody AFB has passed an environmental impact study, it can be formally selected as the base for this mission.The training will commence in October 2014 and Afghan pilots will begin their first combat and combat support missions in January 2016.

The Afghan Air Force is planned to take over sustained combat operations over Afghanistan in 2018.Similar programs exist to train foreign allies in the US, such as the Aviation Leadership Program listed here.

Congressman Kingston is a senior member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee and represents moody Air Force Base in the House of Representatives.

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