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Crash kills one in Ben Hill County


A south Georgia state trooper says fatal crashes are increasing in his area, and he's pleading with drivers to be safe.

One man saw the horror of what can happen on the road Wednesday in Ben Hill County.

That witness tried to comfort 53 year-old Al Davis in his final moments after he was ejected from his pickup truck.

Jay Middleton was working at a construction site at the intersection where Al Davis's pickup was t-boned. Davis died on the scene.

Middleton was the first one to get to Davis.

"I ran over there and bent down, grabbed him by the arm and went and talked to him, just trying to comfort him because I could tell he had head injuries really bad," said Middleton. "He really didn't make any signs, no movements."

Being put in a situation like this was tough. 

"You know, you really don't know what to do in a situation like that," Middleton recalled. "So I asked God to help him; that's all I knew to do."

The wreck happened just after 8 a.m. at the intersection of Georgia 90 and Lower Rebecca Road. A red ford focus driven by Chanda Burke pulled out in front of Davis's pickup truck.

The Georgia State Patrol investigation to determine what charges might be filed could take a while.

"I've called in the specialized collision reconstruction team to come and assist me with the investigation," said Trooper Brandon Smith of Post 36 in Douglas. "They're the one responsible for measurements and investigating all prosecutable fatalities in the state of Georgia. Once their report is finished we'll decide on charges then."

Smith and other law enforcement encourage drivers to be safe while driving to prevent fatalities.

"I just want to encourage everyone to be safe. We're seeing a spike in fatalities in this area, and we're out here trying to stop folks from speeding and for not wearing seat belts. 

Smith also wants drivers to look and re-look before crossing intersections so things like this will quit happening.  

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