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Business owner wants tougher burglary punishment

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Wright Woodall Wright Woodall

An Albany business owner says tougher penalties for smash and grab burglars may be the only way to stop that common crime.  Two burglars broke into one of Wright Woodall's convenience stores and an adjacent Subway early Tuesday morning.

At least three Albany businesses were hit by smash and grab burglars early Tuesday morning. Business owners call it frustrating, because it's so hard to stop. About 4:30 AM two masked men hide beside the Woodall's behind trash cans and a power box, preparing to break into the Subway and then the convenience store.

One throws a rock through the Subway front door, while the second one throws one through the Woodall's front door, kicking his way inside. As the alarm blares, the crook runs behind the cash register, but finds no money to take.  He bolts back out the door in only about 20 seconds.

Woodall's owner Wright Woodall said "Other than breaking the glass, nothing was taken.  Just frustrating. Just frustrating." Police arrived at the store less than a minute after the alarm sounded, but the crooks still got away.  

Woodall said "They were just in and out in just a matter of seconds.  It was so fast." Woodall says he thinks these smash and grab business burglaries are happening so frequently, because crooks are not worried about the penalty.  

"When they do catch them, there are just no consequences to speak of.  Not in their mind. They go to jail. Get a free meal, free place to stay.  Get out. Most of them have a record anyway, so what do they have to lose."  

Business was back to normal at both stores just hours later, except for the glass repairman working while customers walked past. Woodall says he will be making changes to their security, in hopes of catching these crooks if they come back.  

Woodall is hoping you might recognize the clothes or shoes these crooks were wearing, maybe remember someone with a purple shirt like that.  

You could earn a reward if you have any information, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS.


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