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Residents deal with widespread damage in wake of storms

More severe weather is expected Monday after storms turned severe in South Georgia Saturday and Sunday, toppling trees and leaving widespread damage.

In Sycamore, owners of one home had a tree fall and put several holes in their roof on Sumner Road near Sycamore in Turner County.

The family was not home at the time, but neighbors said they heard a "train-like" noise when it happened.

On Friday it took chains, chainsaws and a bulldozer to pull down the massive cedar limb after it fell.

"My neighbor had called me and told me that my alarm was going off, and we got here and found this cedar tree on the top that got twisted out and knocked a few holes in my roof there," said Alex Sumner.

That neighbor, Tim Bell, said he knew there was going to be some damage in the area as soon as the rain moved in.

"There was such a fury hitting the window of the rain that it was impossible to see out the window," said Bell. "I had experienced that before and I knew this was more than just an average wind."

Bell's instincts told him to take cover.

"I heard stuff hitting the roof of the house pretty hard and I knew it was more than the average wind," said Bell. "I hollered to the kids to get in the hallway real quick. As soon as we got to the hallway, it was gone. We looked out the window and limbs was everywhere and we saw the pivot was picked up and turned in."

But the tree limb wasn't the only damage on Sumner's property. The storm also blew over a section of Sumner's pivot irrigation system.

"The pivot's probably going to be kind of expensive," said Sumner. "It's an older pivot, aluminum, and they don't even make it even more."

But Sumner says none of that matters. He's thankful his family is safe and that their home is still standing.

"It was built in 1905. It's got a lot of history," Sumner recalled. "My kids are the 5th generation that's lived here, so we're trying to keep it intact if we can with the storms gone."

Now he's just working fast to prevent further damage before more rain moves in.

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