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South Georgians get proper I. D. through Mexican Consulate


A Mobile Mexican Consulate makes a stop in south Georgia.

The official is helping hundreds of Mexican nationals get the identification they need.

A business in Moultrie invited the Mexican Consulate from Atlanta to provide a service to their customers who need proper identification.

Hundreds of people needing proper identification waited outside Edwards Tax Service in Moultrie.

"We seen the need to ask the Mexican Consulate to come and service our customers," said Joleen Johnson.

So far, more than 600 people have gotten passports and IDs through the mobile Mexican Consulate since Tuesday. Edwards Tax Service says about 200 people walked through their doors Thursday.

"They're very appreciative. I heard a lot of people say thank you. I didn't know how we were going to get a ride to that far away. Everybody really had a great attitude, we had local people stop and drop water off," said Johnson.

The nearest Consulate is in Atlanta. Some folks came from Alabama, Florida and Texas for identification papers.

"When the police come, I can show them who I am," said Serrano Rodriguez.

Serrano Rodriguez brought his friends along for the trip.

"I try to get my passports and ID. I told my Mexican friends and everything to come here," said Rodriguez.

Joleen Johnson says she is providing a service to the community, many of whom frequented her business for the last 10 years.

"What is something that we can help you with, they said the consulate we would really like a ride to go there, we started doing that but we asked them to come down and we can reach more people like that and they agreed," said Johnson.

Johnson says she hoping to host another consulate visit in the future.

The Consulate will be in town one last day providing service Friday until 4 pm by appointments only.

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