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Parents react to Cobb County child's death


Most days start the same for Nestor Carrillo. He drops his son David off at daycare and goes to work.

His worst fear is losing his son.

"David is two now, and like I said, we try our hardest to keep them safe, keep them healthy; and the worst thing that could ever happen to them is them going before us," said Carrillo.

Melissa Souter feels the same way about her son Aden.

"It's a mother's greatest nightmare, greatest fear, for something to happen to their child. Especially something that could have been preventable," said Souter.

Parents can be tempted to leave kids in their cars for short periods of time. That's a chance some don't want to take. 

"For no reason do I leave him or another or another child under my supervision, even if it's for 5 minutes. Because any time, in no time, anything can happen," said Carrillo.

Souter is a teacher in the Worth County school system. Even on days her husband has their sons, her motherly instincts kick in. 

"Mothers put their kids first, and sometime you don't trust anyone else with your children--even your own husband. You call and check on them just to make sure they're ok," said Souter.

Souter says the death in Atlanta is a tragedy, but she hopes it serves as a learning moment for parents.  

"If nothing else, hopefully it can raise awareness, and help us to be more careful, especially with these heat conditions. Let's be more careful with our kids"

Being careful could be the thing that saves your kids.

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