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Bomb Squad removes device, gives all clear

(Source: Dougherty County Police) (Source: Dougherty County Police)

A bomb squad has given the all clear at the scene where officials said an explosive device was found in the back yard of a home in Albany.

Early Thursday evening, Officials conducted x-rays on the device, before taking securing it inside a bomb squad vehicle. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation then took over the investigation, and crews left the scene around 7:45 p.m.

Albany Fire Department and the Dougherty County Police were called to the scene on Broach Avenue, just south of Nelms Road late Thursday afternoon.

Officials are describing the device as a "mortar round" and say it is between 14 and 16 inches long.

The site of Turner Field, the old Air Force Base and Naval Air Station is about ten miles away from where the round was located. Officials say it's possible that's where the mortar round came from. They plan to discuss whether they need to search for more explosives.

"I'm sure it will in future meetings that we have," said Sgt. Robert Richard. "We will get further knowledge, so we can know what to do."

Fire Chief James Carswell with Albany Fire Department said someone called DCP about a possible explosive device after it was nearly hit by a lawn mower. DCP then called AFD for backup.

Chief Carswell said it appears to be an old military device, which was in the ground.


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