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Cadets experience pararescue capabilities

Daniel Fresella Daniel Fresella
Jake Armstrong Jake Armstrong

Some Air Force ROTC Cadets learned what it's like to be an Air Force para-rescuer, as they took to the skies with Moody rescue jumpers Thursday afternoon. Air Force ROTC Cadets from universities across the country got a rare opportunity to parachute with the 38th Rescue Squadron at Moody Air Force Base.  

"This is an unprecedented opportunity for anyone who is in ROTC; this doesn't happen. So, to be a cadet who can come here, fly in a C-130, fly in the HH-60s, is ridiculous," said Daniel Fresella, a University of Maryland Cadet. 

It's part of the Combat Rescue Officer Shadow and Orientation Week, otherwise known as CROSHOW. The cadets spend all week at the base, participating in various training and exercises specific to the pararescue and combat rescue officer fields. Fresella said the experience is great.  

"A lot of insight into what the selection process is like. A lot of mentorship. We've had pool time, we've had ruck sacks, so a lot of training that no other ROTC Cadet usually gets to do under the supervision of these guys," Fresella commented. 

Jake Armstrong is about to enter his junior year at San Diego State University. He got to tandem jump with one of the pararescuers. He said the jump was a little nerve-racking, but it was worth it.  

"I started gettin' a little nervous, but I kept on tellin' myself 'I gotta do this for a living if this is the career I wanna do.' And I started feelin' like this is one big step towards that career I wanna be a part of," said Armstrong.      

After tomorrow, the cadets will return to their universities now more prepared to jump into harm's way if they choose a career as a pararescuer or combat rescue officer.

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