Viewpoint: Downtown Albany Manager

Albany is looking for an interim downtown manager at a critical time for downtown redevelopment. After three and a half year as downtown manager, Aaron Blair is leaving just as his great accomplishment is about to be realized.

Blair is starting a new job in California, but he's confident Albany will continue to grow…

"Now I feel confident that with me walking away that there's so many people at the table that are just going to continue with carrying the flag and moving forward," said Blair.

Blair helped bring businesses to downtown Albany and is known to "think outside the box" with projects like the Art Park.

In March, Blair and the ADICA board approved a $1.5 million partnership with Shandon Developments, a private developer expected to bring in at least 8 new storefront businesses this fall.

We agree with City leaders who say Blair brought a fresh look and new ideas to Albany, and we hope the momentum continues.

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