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Coffee County 911 dispatcher helps save girl from drowning


An emotional reunion Tuesday between a family and the emergency workers who helped save a little girl from drowning.

Raylynn Drawdy stopped breathing for several minutes after she fell into a pool.

A 911 dispatcher helped guide her family through lifesaving CPR.

A day at the pool for 5 year old Raylynn Drawdy and her family nearly turned to tragedy. She was swimming at a pool in Ambrose.

Dispatcher: "Coffee 911."

Caller: "Please, please, please come! The baby's dying, she drowned, and she can't get her breath!"

Julie Drawdy says she turned away from her daughter for less than a minute. When she looked back Raylynn was gone.

"You couldn't see anything in the bottom of the pool so we didn't think she was in there and we started looking around elsewhere. My sister's boyfriend saw her in the bottom and dove in to pull her out," said Julie Drawdy, mother.

The family immediately called for help.

"When we pulled her out there was no pulse. She wasn't breathing and she was blue," said Drawdy.

Jimmie Downing, was the 911 dispatcher on the phone with Raylynn's aunt, guiding them until help arrived.

"How to position the child, how to tilt the head back and open the airway and initiate rescue breathing," said Jimmie Downing, Coffee County 911.

Dispatcher: "OK, pinch the nose closed."

Caller: "Pinch the nose closed."

Dispatcher: "Look to see if the chest rises."

Caller: "No it's not, honey. She's gone. Oh my God."

Julie Drawdy continued to perform CPR on her daughter.

"After all the water came out, she was she still wasn't breathing. Her chest started to rise and she started sucking in small amount of air," said Drawdy.

EMS workers were on the scene withing minutes to help and keep her mother calm. Raylynn was airlifted to Phoebe Putney. Raylynn was reunited with the 911 dispatcher and paramedics at the Douglas City pool.

"For a parent to bring their child to me that I had a part in helping save, in my career there's nothing better than that," said Downing.

"He was great and he was so calm," said Drawdy.

Drawdy wants other parents to know the importance of learning CPR and teaching your kids how to swim.

Raylynn is fine now. Coffee County Sheriff Deputies also helped in the incident.

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