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Organization works to preserve Tift Park

Stephen Brimberry, President Stephen Brimberry, President

A new group of volunteers is working to preserve the city's oldest park and breathe new life into it. "Friends of Tift Park" has partnered with several organizations and businesses to beautify the park and come up with ideas that they hope will attract more people to the park.   

Tift Park is getting in tip top shape thanks to a new group, they call themselves the "Friends of Tift Park."

"Our motto is to preserve, protect and promote Tift Park," said Stephen Brimberry, President.  

Using Facebook, the group organized three months ago after city leaders proposed selling part of the park where the police department used to keep its horses.

"We wanted to use the park and not lose it," said Brimberry.    

That sale stalled, but the group grew to more than 600 members.  

"We've gone from Facebook to actually bringing foot traffic to the park and really making a name for "Friends of Tift Park," said Brimberry.  

The group planted $600 worth of shrubbery donated by Windfield Park Health and Rehab, they cleaned up signs, and are partnering with Lowe's to repaint the gazebo and replace the benches.    

"I can see this as a Piedmont Park," said Brimberry. "A community place to walk your dog, have your family picnic. Just more foot traffic,kind of expose the history of it."  

They're working with the Southwest Georgia Project to move the Farmers Market from the downtown parking garage to the park. They're calling it the Tift Park Community Market.    

"Have them incorporate local artists selling their wears and crafts people making soaps and candles," said Brimberry.    

They're hoping the market will attract the younger generation to the park.  

"The older generation sees it when it was a zoo, and so we need to be creative and bring the younger generation and the market place is something that will be our first stepping stone," said Brimberry.    

The Tift Park community market will be held each Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. beginning July 19th.  The community market has received 30 vendor applications so far. Brimberry also hopes the city will approve placing more memorial benches in the park.

You can join by clicking here. Check donations can be made out to "Friends of Tift Park" at Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful.

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