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Dougherty Co. commissioners vote no to workers carrying guns


Dougherty County workers won't be allowed to bring their guns to work... But there are still questions about how the city and county will deal with a new state gun law.

County Commissioners have not decided whether they will allow the public to bring guns inside the government center.  If they don't, they will have to provide extra security, an additional cost to tax payers.

The state's new gun law allows licensed owners to carry guns inside government buildings that aren't protected by armed security. 

For some people that's a scary thought.

"So much is going on in the world today where you have people coming in with guns students, adolescents, mental patients, whatever the case may be, just coming up, just shooting, drastic things are happening that we definitely need to think about," says Albany resident Teri Franklin.

If County commissioners decide to keep guns out of the government center, they have just two weeks to come up with a new security plan. 

Some people think extra security is necessary, even if it will cost tax payers more money.

"Well at the end of the day you choose what you want to pay for, do you want to pay for security or do you want to pay for the aftermath of something gone wrong because of the lack of security," says Albany resident Sunja Harris.

Security could include metal detectors and guards, similar to what's inside the Judicial center across the street.

On Monday, county officials decided not to allow workers to carry guns to work or inside county vehicles.

"The commission felt like in the interest of public safety not only to the public but to each individual county employee that is was wise to pass a resolution simply stating that employees cannot bring weapons into the work place," says County Attorney Spencer Lee.

Which some taxpayers agree was a good decision.

"Whether licensed or not, it still could bring a negative vibe,"  says Harris.

City commissioners haven't made a decision yet on whether to allow city workers to bring guns to work.

Last week their vote tied after  commissioner BJ Fletcher was absent.

The topic will come up at the city Commissioners meeting on Tuesday.

The city and county share the space in the government center, and would likely split the cost of any security upgrades.

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