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Vacation pest prevention


Bugs breed quickly this time of year. Exterminators say it's important to treat your house, and take some simple steps before a trip.    

Homeowner Keith Southwell has been getting termite and pest protection on his house for two years.  The results have made his house a much more enjoyable place.  

"We've got a toddler and he loves to come outside, and we were having issues with mosquitoes, and we got Arrow to start treating the mosquitoes, and we rarely see mosquitoes outside, and same thing with the ants."  

Standing water is a breeding place for these mosquitoes. Exterminators encourage pest prevention before vacations because one week is all you need to come home to adult mosquitoes.  

"Making sure the birdbaths are empty, making sure you don't have any flower pots that are holding water. Any little kid pools, make sure they're dumped out before you leave to go on vacation because it doesn't take but 7 days for a mosquito to go from an egg to an adult," said Ben Tallent,  Service Center Manager.  

Simple tips such as keeping window screens in good shape, keeping trash cans closed up, and trimming back branches off your house can keep these bugs out. They don't always enter through an open door.  

"If you have screens that may have splits in them, you have wheat poles in the foundation, you may have limbs that are touching the home; you know ants will go up the tree, and go out on the limbs," said Tallent.   Southwell says the results are worth the cost of the service.   "By the time you put your time and energy into it, it's well worth it to pay the exterminator to come out and take care of it for you."  

In addition to vacation pest prevention, exterminators also offer quarterly treatments to homes. Tallent says washing your clothes in hot water when you get back and cleaning out your luggage will ensure that bed bugs don't make it home with you from vacation.



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