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'Straw' gun purchases illegal

Jason Sheffield, Mgr. Dawson Road Pawn Jason Sheffield, Mgr. Dawson Road Pawn

   Purchasing a firearm for others just got tougher. The U. S. Supreme Court rules gun buyers must report when they're buying a gun for someone else. The high court says it is against the law to buy a firearm and not be truthful about who will actually use the gun.  

"I do believe that someone who comes in with the intent to buy a firearm, should state that I am the actual buyer of the firearm," said Jason Sheffield, Mgr. Dawson Road Pawn.   In a 5-4 vote, the supreme court upheld a federal law, banning people from buying guns for others who are legally able to own a gun, known as a straw purchase.  

"If someone comes in with  the intent to purchase and then they walk out and then their buddy walks in and want the same exact gun, it's pretty obvious usually when someone is trying to make a straw purchase," said Sheffield.  

The law is designed to prevent sham buyers from purchasing guns with the intent to give them to someone else. Sheffield says a person should answer on the gun buying form, who the gun is for.

Dawson Road Pawn says they won't sell you the firearm if it's for someone else. When you sign on the line, make sure you're purchase the gun for yourself. Making a straw purchase is a federal offense.    

Sheffield says it's too early to tell how things will change. "If they are honest enough to put on the form, Yes, I'm buying this gun for someone else, then that's fine, but its really hard to say how far that's going to go," said Sheffield.   Sheffield says he'll just have to wait and see how the Supreme court decision affects customers.   

The Supreme Court also says the ruling is intended to keep guns out of the hands of criminals or illegal gun owners.


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