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Your Week in Viral Videos: Dads get a nice gift and a nice rant

SIr Mix-a-Lot reprised his hit 'Baby Got Back' with the Seattle Symphony and a gaggle of women from the audience. (Source: Seattle Symphony/YouTube) SIr Mix-a-Lot reprised his hit 'Baby Got Back' with the Seattle Symphony and a gaggle of women from the audience. (Source: Seattle Symphony/YouTube)

(RNN) – Father's Day is Sunday, and this will make you feel completely inadequate about your own gift-giving or your lame kids who only got you a lousy card (sorry, dad).

But, fret not, because this isn't a Father's Day gift. It's a birthday gift that the son in this video used to fulfill a decades-old promise to his dad on his 57th birthday.

The dad in this video is surprised by receiving the gift of his dream car even though it seems he's had plenty of time to anticipate that it was a possibility. The only thing that could have made this video better is not having the worst videographer in this family shoot the video vertically and stop recording right when dad starts to talk about the car.

Baby Got Bassoon

Sir Mix-a-Lot hasn't mixed much since 1992 when Baby Got Back, the only song of his you've ever heard, was released. But recently he did a lot of mixing on stage with the Seattle Symphony and a couple dozen women from the audience.

The women do more mixing than Sir Mix-a-Lot, but he does the stirring by getting the women to shake that big ol' butt while he revisits that one time when he was popular by telling them he likes the size of their posteriors. The best part is watching a few of the women get a little too into shaking their juicy doubles and giving the crowd a piece of that bubble.

More rap songs should feature cellos.

Not for the squeamish

The sight of blood is pretty unnerving in most situations, but there's a lot of stuff related to blood that you probably didn't know.

For instance, did you know people in the 1500s used to buy the blood of people who were executed? You would too if you thought drinking it would cure diseases. Or something. Seriously, they actually believed executioners were "healers." Let that sink in.

That tidbit is about halfway through this video that has thoroughly disturbed more than 3 million people in the last four days, and it's not the most gruesome thing you will learn. The most disturbing item is actually No. 10, which is the first one in the video. So once you get past that, you should be fine.

Well, maybe not. The whole thing is quite horrifying.

(WARNING: No joke, this video is really unsettling.)

Hooray stupidity

The official trailer for Dumb and Dumber To debuted this week on The Tonight Show, and it's everything you could hope it would be and more.

It was also a good week for the Honest Trailers series, which took down Frozen by taking down The Lion King. They've also previously taken down Frozen on its own.

Animal of the Week

You may be surprised to learn that this video does not contain a goat, since they've been popping up all over the place recently. Instead, this week is about bulldogs, which are part bull, part dog and so ugly they're cute.

They make better mascots than goats do, but don't tell that to the Navy, because they have big guns.

More stuff for when you're bored

Sometimes it's hard for a musician to remember all of his equipment when he's traveling from show to show. Country music star Brad Paisley fell into that trap while performing recently when he had to improvise a slide for his guitar. Lucky for him there was a guy in the front row with a GoPro camera.

Now, because he had been a football star, and a war hero, and a national celebrity, and a shrimpin' boat captain, and a college graduate, the city fathers of Oakland, CA, decided to get together and offered Derek Norris a fine job: professional baseball player and Forrest Gump impersonator.

It's not quite clear where the grocery store in this video is, but judging by the people in the video it's somewhere close to Middle Earth.

Dear Kitten, this is a shameless ploy to get people to forget how evil you are and feed you high-priced cat food.

This article started with a lovely Father's Day story, so let's end by going to the other end of the spectrum. Mila Kunis, who is currently pregnant, would like to remind the men of the world to keep a proper perspective on the miracle of life. Happy Father's Day from Kunis, Jimmy Kimmel, eight other pregnant women and a whole lot of ice cream.

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